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Now That’s What I Call Jumping June 4, 2012

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Well I’ve “jumped” as it were into the month of June. And you know, I’ve been thinking that jumping has some things in common with blogging.  For instance they both:

  • start in the mind with the idea (why, where, when)  
  • require inspiration
  • involve some element of risk
  • can take us from one location to another
  • can be enjoyed alone, or with others

This all leads me to ask a question about jumping. Which is what if you can’t?  Jump, that is.  Literally, physically jump, (or walk or run).  There are millions living across the planet that cannot do it.  Injury or disease takes the ability away. Temporarily for some, but permanently for others.

Physical capabilities and good health can allow us to move at our will and speed, to eliminate physical distance between ourselves and others.  But losing the abilities of mobility due to illness or injury can cause hindrances and obstacles for a person trying to get to where they want and need to go, even socially. The frustration from this can stifle the mind, as it has the body, keeping one at a distance from interacting with others.  But there is an alternate method. Where a person may not be able to go physically, the internet can take them to a place, a gathering or interest of their choice.  This is social media technology at its finest.

The saying goes that if you have your health you have everything.  I believe that if you possess your emotional and mental health you have everything.  Everything you need in order to find your best, contented, happy and purposeful life. All that, despite experiencing a lack of optimum mobility or physical health. It can be challenging, but it can be done.

Now, that’s what I call jumping.


Hop-Scotch and High-Hurdles June 3, 2012

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  Yes, I’ve done a fair share of jumping my friends.  Many a thing I have jumped. Be it ropes, hop-scotch lines or high-hurdles, I did it.  Even jumped off roofs and out of trees-yikes! Likely a combo of fearlessness and naivety.

  I suppose that not doing all that contemplating of the adverse, even rotten possibilities, allows one to take risks. Absence of fear is probably the result of not having suffered an ugly or uncomfortable result from a “jump”.    The leap and landing were good in other words.  Or at least, it didn’t hurt.  But once you have jumped and you strike down rough and hard, oh boy!  As you plan the next attempt, here comes the obsessive NCB (Negative Chatter Box). It brings with it doubt and hesitancy.  The NCB can become an instigator to what amounts to a perpetual surrendering to fear.

  Fear, both friend and foe.  It can act as a Protector to your total healthfulness, and well-being. Or, on the flip side, become an Adversary to your opportunities, ventures and experiences.  A frustrating stopper to possibilities that have potential of becoming worthwhile and beneficial.

  In my athletic days, I took some jump shots, realizing I would score some baskets and miss some. My taking risks to shoot paid off, even if I didn’t score every time, which of course I didn’t.  In work place and business scenarios, I didn’t always get the desired results from a risk taken, but I’m glad I took those risks.  The descent after a jump can be scary as well as exhilarating and oh so revealing.Yes, those reminders of my former leaps, descents and lands, are just what I need. 

 It has been close to four years since I first began to think about blogging, and I’m finally jumping in.